Utility Audit

Have you ever checked your gas utility bill? Have you ever checked your electric utility bill? The answer to both questions is most likely NO. The reason is utility tariffs were created by the utilities to maximize revenues, not to create user friendly bills. If you call a utility, most customer service representatives can only answer very general questions, and cannot inform you if your on the correct rate and riders. In many cases the utility is not responsible for selecting which rate best fits your usage.

Many companies have selected a large payment / audit firm to monitor their suppliers and utilities. Of course, we recommend everyone to audit their utility bills. We also recommend you seek a second opinion on your energy audit from Team Energy. The size of the firm does not matter; it is the actual auditor that performs the audit.

Each utility rate and rider was designed to fit a type of customer and is calculated based on factors such as your overall energy use, reactive power, and when the power was used. Was your rate designed for you? We will optimize your utility rate.

We audit and validate your utility and supplier invoices; if we uncover an adjustment, we will correct the error and will seek a refund. We do not collect a penny if we do not get an adjustment.