Risk Management

About ten years ago, natural gas "Final Settle" ranged during the year between $1.50 to 2.50, representing very low price risk. Today, the energy markets have become much more volatile and can move $1 in a day. Managing price risk requires you to stay on top of market fundamentals, technical issues and investment fund activity to name a few. We work with you to develop a risk management plan, provide market information, and then work with your suppliers to fix the price of your energy. Once you make the decision to hedge your price risk, you want your order executed timely, at market prices at a reasonable premium to the market.

Team Energy only works on the behalf of the customer. Energy supplies sometimes make up for their low bid by adding additional fees to the hedge price without the customers' knowledge. Our objectivity and independence are critical to an efficient and cost-effective execution.

We provide up-to-date market information through our Daily News and a weekly Energy Line newsletter. They are written and illustrated so that the Daily News can be read in 30 seconds, the weekly newsletter in 2 minutes , and from time to time special market updates are issued. We are always available to fill in any blanks.