Why Outsource?

For many companies, energy is their second or third highest cost of manufacturing only behind labor and the product's feed stock. The cost of natural gas has doubled in the last five years and electric is up significantly.

If you are buying natural gas and electricity in the traditional fashion, you are probably doing it one of two ways. Either a significant amount of internal time and resources are being devoted to this effort, or you are simply renewing contracts with the same supplier without much consideration of other competitive offers. Unfortunately, the reality is that neither of these methods will get you the best results.

Managing your company's energy expense without the proper time or knowledge combined with the volatile market conditions you open yourself up to the inherent problems and obstacles in the traditional buying process. First, how access all qualified suppliers? Do you use a paper-based RFP to get supplier offers or just make a few phone calls for verbal quotes? Second, how do you fully evaluate multiple supplier quotes when each price component is defined somewhat differently? Third, what is the process to review the various non-standardized supplier contracts? Supplier contracts are typically very different and include industry jargon and other terminology that makes it tough to accurately compare and calculate the differences. Finally, are you able to match up the cost implications of the contracting provisions with price quotes for an apples-to-apples comparison of the total price for natural gas?

Team Energy will target the quality energy suppliers either via direct contact, on-line auctions or both. Our Request for Proposal (RFP) is market specific to best protect you in all markets. We include operating personnel to understand their preferences and requirements. Based on our industry experience, we will sort through each response and recommend the best offer. Outsourcing to Team Energy works for companies of any size because we allow you to select the services you need.

Team Energy holds no interest in any energy suppliers, ensuring that you have completely objective opinion for your energy management program. Outsourcing is often less expensive over in house management.