Energy RFP

Since 1997, Team Energy has been in the business of procuring energy supply for industrial and large commercial customers. Team Energy deals with energy producers and marketers throughout United States, this experience provides our clients a superior Request For Proposal (RFP) process. Our customers may also benefit from participating in an on-line auction. The on-line auction may provide an opportunity for more suppliers to participate in the RFP process.

We provide market feedback to each RFP respondent to keep the market competitive. Our clients always retain the final decision making authority for selecting the best supplier for their business. The decision can be made at one or any number of levels of your organization.

There is no direct fee for our Energy RFP's. Generally the successful suppliers pay Team Energy a small one time transaction fee. That fee is known by all parties. Our client and suppliers are always known to each other. If you have any concerns we are your point of contact for all suppliers.