About Us

Team Energy, Inc formed in 1997 as an independent energy advisor providing a wide range of services customized to fit our customers' requirements. We are not a utility, energy supplier or a broker, so your interests will not be compromised. We provide information management services that enable companies to more effectively monitor, measure and reduce their energy costs. Our web based software does not require your Information Department involvement or a huge capital investment, only a small monthly fee. Our services are offered in a cafeteria style to best fit your needs.

One energy company cannot supply all of your facilities in several states. We put together a team of suppliers for your facilities while maintaining the convenience of one point of contact for all of your facilities. That contact is Team Energy.

Team Energy begins by gathering data about your facility, analyzing your energy usage, market conditions, auditing your utility bills, and then we develop a procurement strategy that fits your risk tolerance and budget requirements. That information will be used to format a Request for Proposal (RPF) for qualified energy suppliers. A customized RFP seeking a variety of pricing options and terms will allow us to identify the best suppliers for your facilities.

Team Energy's web based energy management software does more than record your costs. The system was developed at a granular level to provide flexible solutions. We can provide weather normalized usage, hedged positions, and future basis price just to name a few. We do not use a canned program but design screens that fit your needs. We also provide energy procurement, utility auditing, bill auditing, rate analysis and risk management services.

Our fees are upfront and not hidden somewhere in the energy, basis or hedges. We help turn your energy data into information that will help you measure and manage your energy costs and lead to more informed decisions. We can put all of your facilities on our energy management system so you can get a complete picture. The picture can be fragmented by using multiple suppliers with multiple data collection systems.

We can either augment your existing in-house staff or completely outsource your energy management.